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Bitcoin Revolution is the Start of Your Journey with Bitcoin

The growth seen in Bitcoin has attracted millions of investors around the world. People have started to see the coin's potential and how its volatility can be used as leverage for financial benefit. When you trade Bitcoin and other financial instruments, you need to use a practical trading application. CFDs and cryptocurrencies are complex assets and require that you develop your skill when dealing with it.

Fundamental factors should also be taken into consideration when you are looking to grow your portfolio. It gives you an extra edge and awareness when dealing with the ever-evolving Bitcoin market. Preparation is vital when dealing with such significant volatility. The coin has gained much traction over the years and more now than ever since the pandemic hit. The world is going digital, and people are following suit; Bitcoin might just become our next primary currency.

It is good to note that most investors who put money into Bitcoin lose over the short term. That shouldn't scare you away as plenty of opportunities arise every day on the Bitcoin charts. You need to make sure you are present so that you can hop on big moves.

The current price is around $45,000, and a few months ago, the all-time high was approximately $65,000, which means that there is plenty of potential for upside momentum.

So, if you are looking to invest in the coin, there has never been a better time. Making use of the Bitcoin Revolution app that has a range of optimal technical indicators is going to help you determine market direction. When you look at the market and see the bigger picture, you can make more informed decisions on your speculation.

Price Action and Technical Indicators

When using indicators such as the Bollinger bands can help you determine short-term reversal in a trend. It does this by calculating specific moving averages of the price range. It produces three lines on the chart, the upper band, lower band, and a simple 20-period moving average.

When the candles reach the lower band, it could be a sign to buy if the candles are being supported. Depending on how risk-averse you are, it is the perfect opportunity to go long and close your position at either the moving average or upper band.

As you can see, many indicators can help you to read the markets professionally and intelligently. So, it is best to note all of them and learn which ones can be best for you and your strategy. Combining price action and these indicators is the most commonly practiced strategy in trading Bitcoin.

Get ready to learn more about Bitcoin with Bitcoin Revolution and why you should invest in the coin in 2021.

How Does Bitcoin Trading Work?

There are multiple ways that Bitcoin can be traded. It can be leveraged over the short term using CFDs to take a speculative position on a price swing. Over the long term, you find that Bitcoin is a good investment because of its ever-growing value, which far exceeds anything else out there. The coin value is far superior to any physical coin or note, hence its massive popularity.

When you trade Bitcoin over the short term, you put your money at risk, and around 80% of investors end up losing cash when investing. That is due to the significant movements in price on a daily timeframe. If you look at the Bitcoin chart over the long term, such as a one-day chart, you can determine the best zones to enter and exit the market.

Time is everything when it comes to short-term Bitcoin trading, so make sure that your Bitcoin Revolution app is set up correctly so that you can view the bigger picture.

Another good thing about trading Bitcoin using CFDs is that you don't need to own any coins to speculate on a price swing. A portion of the Bitcoin is borrowed from the user until the trade is closed.

Contracts for difference make it possible for anyone to benefit from an upside or downside swing in the market if they know what they are doing. On the other hand, long-term trading is for people who want to own a coin and see a financial gain over an extensive period.

These kinds of investors have no problem waiting because they know the value of the coin is only going to increase. From 2012 the coin has grown nearly 200,000 percent and is set for more exponential growth in the coming years.

Bitcoin Revolution helps you keep up to date with developing trends and market consolidation to make intelligent investment choices.

The History of Bitcoin

Developed in 2008 as a means to pay rewards to cryptocurrency miners, the coin was not expected to grow so much in popularity. The creator Satoshi Nakamoto made the coin available to the public in 2009, and all the information regarding it was recorded in a digital disturbed ledger.

From then, Bitcoin slowly started to take off and was noticed by investors around the world. But, it wasn't until a large amount of the coin was bought by the Winklevoss twins in 2012 which started driving the price up. The public hardly knew the coin at that time, and even the twins didn't wholly understand it. Bitcoin continued flourishing and growing as the years went on, with more investors taking interest as value grew from strength to strength.

People were looking for a way to have complete control of their money with no banks involved. Bitcoin was the answer to this and helped to decentralize the world from financial institutions and governments.

It paved the way for future cryptocurrencies to rise and become as powerful as they are today. As time goes on, Bitcoin is being developed more and more. People are joining in on investing, mining, and programming the coin to urge its growth.

Some countries are beginning to adopt the coin as a legal tender, which is a great sign that shows the coin's potential. Many high-profile figures have also taken part and promote the coin to help it grow in status. People like Elon Musk play an enormous influence in the markets and own a large portion of Bitcoin.

As more celebrities and the government get involved with the coin, the more you are going to see it grow. That is the kind of power you can expect for the world's largest cryptocurrency, and it is only likely to increase more. A host of hedge fund and finance houses have also noted the coin and invested billions into purchasing it. That helps to drive the price up and also keep the coin stable.

Whale investors play a significant role in any financial market and also help to drive the market in opposing directions. You need to be aware of this when trading and ensure that you are not on the wrong end of the transaction.

With all the interest in this highly lucrative coin, it seems like the sky is the limit as its robustness keeps impressing people worldwide. One step at a time, Bitcoin is changing the way we transact and do business. Soon, everything is going to be digitized, so it is best to prepare yourself for what the future holds. There seems to be no stopping the coin, and people are pushing for it to become a legal tender in more countries.

Bitcoin is on a bullish run and has been for a few months. Where do you see the coin going in the future?

Why You Should You Invest in Bitcoin with Bitcoin Revolution

With its ever-growing value and stability, it is a wise move to invest in this coin. It does have downside potential, but if you trade it correctly, there could be many potential benefits. Bitcoin has a complex algorithm that is used to protect wallets and transactions that run over the blockchain. That helps to keep your money safe cryptographically while it is transferred over the network.

More mines are popping up worldwide, adding to the blockchain and helping to grow the coin even more. These miners bring confidence to people wanting to invest in Bitcoin. A good reason people love investing in Bitcoin is the limited amount of available coins. That makes the coin high in demand, which drives the price up as investors look to get a piece of the pie.

The halving of Bitcoin is another reason the value keeps increasing and is one of the reasons owners of the coin keep on holding. All in all, investing in Bitcoin is probably the best thing you can do for your future, as it is set to overtake most currencies. More online retailers accept Bitcoin as a payment method, which shows that the coins are here to stay.

Some analytical Bitcoin experts say the price is set to reach $200,000 by 2029, and this should give you more confidence that the coin is going to grow.

How Does a Bitcoin Revolution App Works

Trading Bitcoin with a trading app can be highly beneficial for someone looking to analyze the market. There are 100's of indicators available to test out and add to your trading strategy as you see fit. Remember that developing your system takes time and patience as you discover the daunting world of the crypto markets.

Using specific indicators in confluence can help you determine the right time to enter the market on speculation. When you enter the market with no technical indicators, you put your money at high risk because no factors help determine the direction of the trend.

79% of traders lose their hard-earned cash when speculating on Bitcoin charts because they don't take time to learn the process. These people call Bitcoin or trading a scam, and they give other traders a bad name. A commonly used indicator is the MACD indicator which is used to follow developing trends in the market. It is a straightforward technical indicator that is loved for its easy-to-understand chart relations.

The indicator shows the relationship between 2 moving averages of the price range of security. Typically, the MACD is calculated by removing the 24-period moving average for the 12-day average. That produces results that can be used to follow trend direction and momentum. That is just one of the many technical factors that can be considered when viewing the charts as a whole.

Bitcoin Revolution puts the charts at your fingertips, so you can analyze and find critical support and resistance zones to place your trades.

When you find these zones, you can use them to place well-timed and essential speculative positions to gain from the movement. Determining momentum is going to help you trade with the trend, which is a popular strategy.

You want to figure out all you can before stepping into the big world of Bitcoin investing, so make sure to study as much as possible. Persistence, determination, and dedication are what it takes to succeed at trading Bitcoin.

The Future of Bitcoin

Expert suggests the price of the coin is going to continue rising in the future as more people start to accept it. The higher time frame Bitcoin chart shows you how much potential there is in this digital currency. There has only been upside movement from its release in 2009, after making an appearance on the charts in 2010, it grew more.

Sure, there was a significant bearish correction that happened a few months ago, but over a long period, Bitcoin is bullish. Countries like India that previously banned cryptocurrency have now taken a liking to it. The government can see the benefit of digital currency, and they want to move forward with it.

Over 6 million people in India have invested billions of dollars into the coin, helping to keep it stable and drive price magnification. The coin's popularity is growing daily, making it an excellent investment for long and short-term investors. It is not connected to any financial institution, is incredibly safe, and protects investors' money from inflation.

Keep in mind that the risks involved when investing. It is imperative to keep updated with the latest news on the crypto front. Trading Bitcoin is a complex task and should be treated as such. Journaling to help correct your mistakes is a recommended part of the journey.

Market conditions can change in a moment, and it could wipe out your trading account. It is a great idea to have enough equity when investing, as this protects you from any excessive drawn-down you might experience. With Bitcoin and cryptocurrency growing worldwide, there has never been a better time to get started with investing.